Leicester Theatre Arts Box 2004-2010Leicester Theatre Art Boxes 2004-2010

Our Leicester Theatre Art Boxes 2004-2010 were our very first display holders, which were sourced from a local stationers.

These holders were made from acrylic with 4 display slots.

To increase the capacity of the display holders we hand drilled and riveted together the holders to create larger holders with 8, 12 or 16 display slots; these allowed us to increase the amount of material we were able to display in each display location, in line with our increase in clients.

These very first display holders helped us to create a display network which spread outward from Leicester and Northampton, ensuring that the public where able to see our client’s material in their local community. ¬†Many of these early display locations are still in use today, as are some of these display holder but with an updated logo.