At SLB we have always collected any out of date material from our display holders and recycled it through the Leicester Creative Business Depot’s own paper and cardboard recycling bins, where our offices are based.

The waste paper and cardboard collected then joined the Leicester’s recycling network and we then hoped it would then become newsprint or recycled cardboard.

During 2012 we began to investigate other methods of how our client’s waste paper and cardboard could be recycled outside of the local council’s schemes, as we wanted to do something more than just placing our waste paper into a recycling bin and have nothing to show for it.

After much searching on the internet and speaking to other companies who accumulate waste paper, we discovered a local waste paper collection company called Berridge’s Waste Paper Ltd based in Desford, Leicestershire.  They were willing to take away all the returned brochures and flyers from our display network, together with any other marketing material that we accumulate each month.

Berridges were able to show that 70% of their waste paper is pulped in British paper mills and is then made into news sheet for the newspaper industry in the UK.  The remaining 30% is sent to China and other far east countries, where it is pulped and then returns to the UK as packaging or wrapping on many of our imported products.Paper Re-Cycling

But the real benefit to this recycling project is that SLB Distribution is paid £45.00 per ton of waste paper and cardboard.

SLB Distribution now receives a small income each year from the waste at the end of our client’s marketing campaigns which lead to much thought of how and what could we use this small windfall for? A holiday, new trolleys, larger offices?

No! We have decided that SLB Distribution will invest this small windfall each year to the planting new trees in the UK so that we can put our client’s left over marketing material to a good use and replenish the trees that were felled to create the paper on which their marketing campaigns were printed.

SLB Distribution has now teamed up with the Woodland Trust and we made our first contribution in December 2013 and we have planted 15 trees in the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood at Normanton Le Heath in Northwest Leicestershire.Woodland Trust Logo No1

We are sure that our 100 + clients will appreciate our small offering of planting trees and may even want to join this excellent scheme themselves to help offset their own paper usage.

We are now offering all our clients the opportunity to help offset the paper that is used to create their marketing material by planting trees through the Woodland Trust.

By planting just one tree for every piece of marketing material that you produce will help to provide future generations with new woodland, that in turn, will help the UK paper mills provide newsprint for years to come, as well as helping the UK to meet it’s CO2 targets.

A single tree costs £15.00 but you could decide to plant many more by either filling in the Plant a Tree section on our pre quote form or by visiting the Woodland Trust website yourself and donating your money directly.

You can even help to plant the trees and use this to show your green credentials to your own audience.

See our Plant a tree page for more information on the many different options available from helping to conserve woodland through to the planting trees.