Plant a Tree

Help replenish those felled to make your publicity material!Planted Tree

SLB Distribution has recently started to plant trees in UK based woods using a scheme set up by the Woodland Trust. Using the the money we have received from our waste paper recycling agents, we have been  able to contribute to the growth of our nation’s woodlands. (See our Recycling page)

We believe this is a great way to use the money we receive from our clients paper waste, which is inevitably  generated at the end of a piece of prints life cycle.  We would also like to encourage all our clients to think about joining our efforts in helping to plant new trees in woods around the UK.

Up to the end of November 2013 we have received £225.00 from Berridges Waste Paper Recycling, which in turn, has helped to plant 15 trees in Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood at Normanton Le Heath in Northwest Leicestershire.

Please click here to see our certificate for our 2013 planting.

If you would like to plant a tree or two then please advise us when you complete our pre quote questionnaire form and we will send you out more information.  Alternatively you could visit the Woodland Trust website yourself and start to plant trees for your own organisation’s corporate social responsibility program and offset the paper used in creating your marketing material.